Famous Pakistani Movies

Pakistan is a land of diverse culture and traditions where a number of civilizations are                                                                             based. It is also world’s 6th most populous country where the masses love to be entertained more than anything else. There was a time when there was a boom in the Pakistani film industry from its independence to 1970s and 80s but after that it saw a downfall which is still on its way. But, even at present some Pakistani films are doing great at the box office globally which is a good sign for the people who are related to this field. Some of these films give you real cinematic experience and you can enjoy them at multiple cinemas in the country with your family and friends.

I can provide you with a list of 10 famous Pakistani movies along with their approximate box office collections up to that time. Please note that box office numbers may change over time, and newer movies may have surpassed some of these films in terms of box office collections. However, this list should give you a good overview of some of the most successful Pakistani movies up until that point:

  • Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (2018) – Box Office Collection: PKR 70 crores (approx.)
  • Punjab Nahi Jaungi (2017) – Box Office Collection: PKR 58 crores (approx.)
  • Teefa in Trouble (2018) – Box Office Collection: PKR 50 crores (approx.)
  • Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (2015) – Box Office Collection: PKR 49 crores (approx.)
  • Sultanat (2014) – Box Office Collection: PKR 40 crores (approx.)
  • Na Maloom Afraad (2014) – Box Office Collection: PKR 30 crores (approx.)
  • Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018) – Box Office Collection: PKR 30 crores (approx.)
  • 7 Din Mohabbat In (2018) – Box Office Collection: PKR 25 crores (approx.)
  • Bol (2011) – Box Office Collection: PKR 24 crores (approx.)
  • Wrong No. (2015) – Box Office Collection: PKR 22 crores (approx.)

Please keep in mind that these figures are approximate and may not be entirely accurate. Additionally, new movies might have been released after my last update, which could have impacted the rankings and box office collections. For the latest information, I recommend checking reliable sources or box office tracking websites.


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