“Rehbar”: Upcoming TV Drama Serial Produced by Lahore Film School

 “Project Rehbar”:

A Thrilling Odyssey Crafted by Lahore Film School’s Visionaries

In the dynamic world of Pakistani television, a new drama has emerged as a beacon of innovation and promise. Titled “Rehber,” this suspenseful thriller is the brainchild of producer Abdul Majid, backed by the creative powerhouse that is Lahore Film School. Helmed by director Nasser Mengal, the drama marks a departure from convention, not only in its captivating storyline but also in its commitment to providing opportunities for new actors to shine. With a talented casting team led by Ali Raza Sultan, Ali Raza, Muhammad Razzaq, and Hassam Sethi, “Rehber” promises to be a groundbreaking venture that transcends the boundaries of traditional Pakistani drama.

Umer Farooq as a Producer:

It is worth mentioning that the starting of Project “Rehber,” is backed and produced by our Acting Lead Cast Umer Farooq Sahib. is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Known for his dedication to fostering fresh talent, Majid has taken a bold step by entrusting the production of this thrilling drama to the Lahore Film School.

This decision reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and creating a space for emerging artists to showcase their skills. Under Majid’s guidance, “Rehber” has become a testament to the belief that the future of Pakistani drama lies in the hands of those who dare to challenge the status quo.

Lahore film school:

Lahore Film School, a hub for creative minds and aspiring filmmakers, has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative landscape of “Rehber.” The institution’s ethos of innovation and excellence is evident in every frame of the drama. From the script development to the final cut, the Lahore Film School has meticulously crafted a suspenseful and engaging story that promises to captivate audiences across the nation.


At the helm of “Rehber” is director Nasser Mengal, a seasoned storyteller known for his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his projects. Mengal’s vision for the drama goes beyond the traditional confines of television storytelling, aiming to create an immersive experience that challenges and stimulates the audience. His collaboration with the Lahore Film School and Abdul Majid has resulted in a synergy that is poised to redefine the standards of Pakistani television.

Casting Team:

The casting team assembled for “Rehber” comprises individuals with an eye for talent and a commitment to discovering new faces in the industry. Ali Raza Sultan, Ali Raza, Muhammad Razzaq, and Hassam Sethi form a dynamic team that has scouted and selected a cast of promising newcomers. This decision not only injects a fresh energy into the drama but also opens doors for actors who may have otherwise struggled to break into the industry. The casting team’s dedication to providing opportunities for new talent aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Lahore Film School and Abdul Majid’s vision for the drama.

Drama Story of Rehber:

“Rehber” is more than just a thriller; it is a narrative journey that explores the depths of suspense and mystery while providing a platform for the voices of the future. The drama’s storyline, carefully guarded until its release, promises unexpected twists and turns that will keep viewers hooked from the first episode to the last. As the characters navigate through the intricate plot, societal issues are seamlessly interwoven, adding layers of relevance to the drama.

Production House:

The production values of “Rehber” are a testament to the dedication of the entire team involved. The cinematography captures the essence of Lahore, merging its historical grandeur with the modernity of the city. Each shot is a visual masterpiece, enhancing the narrative and ensuring a captivating visual experience for the audience. The sound design, coupled with a carefully curated musical score, contributes to the drama’s immersive atmosphere, amplifying the impact of suspenseful moments.

“Rehber” arrives at a crucial juncture in the Pakistani entertainment industry, challenging established norms and championing the cause of new talent. It symbolizes a departure from the routine, offering a unique blend of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and a commitment to social relevance. As audiences eagerly await the release of “Rehber,” the drama stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between a visionary producer,





















    Rehber cast list

Cast includes. 

Umer Farooq as inspector Farooq 

Miraq Qureshi as a DIG Sahib

Hassam Sethi as Shehriyar Butt


Noor Fatima 


Sitara Feroz


Sara Hostel

MD Kiran 

Asma 23

Asima Maasood

Sana Sehar 21FSD

Sara Shehzadi


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