Pakistani Actor Abid Ali Versatile Talent

Abid Ali, a name that resonates with Pakistani television and film enthusiasts, was a multifaceted artist whose career spanned over four decades.

Abid Ali Actor  His remarkable journey in the entertainment industry left an indelible mark, making him a household name in Pakistan.

Early Life and Family Background

On March 17, 1952, Abid Ali was born in Quetta, Pakistan. His ancestors were from Quetta, a place renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural richness. As the son of a well-known radio broadcaster in the years before independence, Syed Murshid Ali, Abid Ali has significant roots in the entertainment industry. The family’s involvement in the media and the arts would later affect Abid Ali’s career decisions.

Education and Career Beginnings

Abid Ali finished his early education in Quetta before relocating to Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital, to pursue his love of acting. He enrolled in Lahore’s esteemed National College of Arts (NCA), where he developed his acting abilities. He met and collaborated with several aspiring performers who would later go on to become important characters in Pakistan’s entertainment industry during this time.

Breakthrough in Television

When Abid Ali made his television debut in the 1970s, his career immediately took off. He became well known for his extraordinary acting skills and a highly sought-after actor in the business very soon. He gained the admiration of the audience thanks to his exceptional versatility in roles. His early television plays that are particularly noteworthy were “Waris” and “Bharam.”


Although Abid Ali first gained notoriety in television, he later dabbled in Pakistani cinema. He appeared in a number of movies, such as “Mehboob,” “Doorian,” and “Shararat.” His adaptability allowed him to move between the tiny and large screens with ease, demonstrating his acting prowess.

Family Background and Legacy

The artistic ability of Abid Ali extended to his family as well as himself. He was married to the well-known actress Humaira Ali, and the two had three daughters, all of whom pursued acting careers in the same vein as their parents. Carrying on the family’s history of brilliance and originality, Iman Ali, Rahma Ali, and Maryam Ali have all established themselves in the industry.

Abid Ali Family

Awards and Recognition

Abid Ali won various accolades for his remarkable efforts throughout his career. Numerous Pakistan Media Awards and Lux Style Awards were given to him. These honors serve as a testament to his commitment and value to the entertainment sector.

Abid Ali Death

September 5, 2019, Liaquat National Hospital

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