Khumar Drama – Feroz Khan Neelum Munir Har Pal Geo TV Review

Khumar Drama Review Feroz Khan Neelum Munir Har Pal Geo TV:

Khumar New Geo TV Drama Starrer  Feroz Khan and Neelum Muneer started with boom, unfolds as an enduring tale of love, navigating the intricate challenges posed by societal class distinctions and the ensuing adversities. Within its narrative, Khumar intricately examines the intricate dance of love amid the pressures of societal norms and obstacles. The protagonists, Faiz and Hareem, find their destinies intertwined despite originating from disparate backgrounds.

Faiz (Feroze Khan) born into affluence, stands in stark contrast to Hareem (Neelam Muneer), whose roots lie in the lower-middle-class stratum of society. Despite the apparent disparities, destiny orchestrates the convergence of their paths. Hareem, striving against the backdrop of her brother Rufi’s educational needs and her mother’s medical expenses, encounters a myriad of challenges. In the midst of her tribulations, Faiz, a discreet friend of Rufi, provides silent financial support and covertly facilitates employment opportunities for Hareem.

However, the unfolding drama takes a poignant turn as Hareem’s family remains oblivious to Faiz’s clandestine affection, resulting in an unrequited love affair. Faiz’s love for Hareem remains a guarded secret, compounded by his mother’s disapproval of their association due to the palpable class disparity. Destiny, however, decides to play its hand, introducing an unforeseen event that irrevocably alters the course of Faiz and Hareem’s lives.

The narrative builds suspense, leaving the audience pondering the nature of this unexpected twist and its transformative impact on the protagonists. Will the gaping social divide prove insurmountable, keeping Faiz and Hareem apart? Can Faiz muster the persuasive prowess needed to win his mother’s acceptance of Hareem? And if they decide to marry, can they forge a harmonious life together despite the disparities in their backgrounds and perspectives? Khumar invites its audience to embark on a journey through the complexities of love, destiny, and societal expectations, promising a tale that transcends time and challenges the boundaries of conventional romance.

Khumar TV Drama Production Details 

Khumar TV Drama is Produced by 7th Sky Entertainment. 
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Khumar TV Drama Writer: Maha Malik
Khumar TV Drama Director: Ali Faizan

Khumar TV Drama Cast:

Feroz Khan in Khumar-Drama-Review-Feroz-Khan-Neelum-Munir-Har-Pal-Geo-TV

Feroze Khan Role as Faiz
Neelam Muneer Role as Hareem
Hina Bayat Role as Kehkasha Begum
Asma Abbas Role as Durdana
Behroz Sabzwari Role as Sheikh Furqan
Zainab Qayoom Role as Dil Araa
Shehryar Zaidi Role as Taufeeq
Adnan Samad Role as Nasir
Sheherzade Peerzada Role as Hamna
Minsa Malik Role as Laiba
Kinza Malik Role as Atiya
Mehmood Akhtar as Zaawar
Agha Mustafa as Rayyan
Hamzah Tariq as Rufi
Ayesha Rajpoot as Shagufta
Mizna Waqas as Husna
Sohail Masood as Mirza Sahab
Birjees Farooqui as Salma

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