Abdullah Kadwani A Trailblazing Pakistani Film Producer

Abdullah Kadwani is a name that resonates with success and innovation in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Film Producer


He has significantly shaped Pakistani cinema’s landscape as a producer of motion pictures. , career, and contributions to society, illuminating how he rose to prominence in Pakistan’s film industry.


 August 8, 1968 

Career in the Entertainment Industry

Abdullah Kadwani career in the entertainment industry is marked by his dedication and vision. He ventured into the field with the goal of revitalizing and contributing to Pakistani cinema. Over the years, he has been associated with numerous successful projects, including [insert notable films or productions he has worked on]. His ability to identify and nurture talent has been a driving force behind his success.

Abdullah Kadwani Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Abdullah Kadwani is [enter estimated net worth]. It is significant to remember that net worth estimates might change over time and might not always be made public. His financial success has likely been influenced by his success in film production and other entertainment-related endeavors.

Legacy and Impact

Beyond his financial achievements, Abdullah Kadwani made contributions to the Pakistani film industry. His passion to conveying compelling stories and to showcasing Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage have made a lasting impression. He has gained acclaim for his work both domestically and abroad, contributing to the internationalization of Pakistani cinema.

Abdullah Kadwani drama list

Deewangi  Deewangi (Urdu: دیوانگی, lit. ‘Madness’) is Pakistani romantic drama.

Daam This drama contains 18 episodes overall . A renowned TV director is in charge of directing the show.

Payara Afzal A hugely popular drama that revolved around the life of its titular character, played by Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Abdullah Kadwani Family

Kadwani, a well-known actor, director, and producer from Pakistan, has worked in the country’s cinema and television industries for more than 25 years. He’s got three kids.

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Abdullah Kadwani award list
  • 2009 Nominee Lux Style Award. Best Television Series. Sarkar Sahab Aka Evicted Lord. Shared with: Humayun Saeed.
  • 2006 Winner Lux Style Award. Best Television Series. Riyasat Aka Kingdom of Hearts.

Abdullah Kadwani with son Haroon Kadwani







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