Mein Review (Pakistani Drama)


Mein is a top trending Pakistani drama that started on 7th of August 2023. It stars Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan in lead roles. The drama story is about a girl named Mubashira Jaffar who is very rude in nature. She meets a boy named Zaid who has extremely opposite nature.

Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali
Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali

Following are some details regarding this television drama:

Drama Title: Mein

Channel: ARY Digital

Timing: Every Monday at 8:00 pm

Release Date: 7th August 2023

Directed By: Badar Mehmood

Written By: Zanjabeel Asim Shah

Produced By: Muhammad Jerjees Seja

The drama is meeting with mixed reviews both from the viewers and the critiques.

Storyline: Zaid (Wahaj Ali) comes from a very rich family who enjoys all kinds of luxuries one can imagine. But he has an insecurity that he is nothing without his surname so he is a bit disappointed. The reason being his father (Shahzad Nawaz) sometimes taunting him.

Shahzad Nawaz

One day he meets with a girl named Mubashira Jaffar (Ayeza Khan), a self loving and rude girl. After they become friends, their life starts taking a turn. Actually, Mubashira got divorce from her husband and she is now heart-broken.

She then meets Zaid (Wahaj Ali) in a business meeting where they become friends. Now, the viewers must wait to see what’s next the drama has for them to offer. But I must say that the story line is very powerful and it keeps the viewers engaged.

Other cast: Other cast includes Aijaz Aslam, Azekah Daniel and Sabeena Syed in supporting roles.

Aijaz Aslam
Azekah Daniel
Sabeena Syed

Pakistani dramas are known for their engaging storylines, emotional depth, and often intricate suspense elements. Remember that Pakistani dramas are known for their diverse themes and genres. Suspense is just one aspect of their storytelling, and many dramas incorporate elements of romance, family dynamics, social issues, and more. If you’re looking for suspenseful Pakistani dramas, these examples could be a great starting point.

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