Webseries Acting Audition in Lahore

Web Series Acting Audition Video. Watch Live Acting Audition at Lahore Film School.

Web Series and Short Films are getting popularity in recent years in Pakistan. if you want to get work in a Web Series? Your first step is to find Web series Auditions.
Most Production Houses cast new and senior actors for their web series, but if you are a new talent and never did any work before, you have lesser chances of being cast as opposed to senior TV actors.
How to Give Acting Auditions in Pakistan? Watch This video to get the idea for and Ask your acting coach to give a script for audition.

ایکٹنگ کے آڈیشن کیسے ہوتے ہیں۔
لاہور فلم سکول ایکٹنگ اکیڈمی۔

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